Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In response to a request for a donation

I got a request from MoveOn.Org for yet another donation to end the war in Iraq. Here is the response I posted in their feedback section on their website.

I sent the following in response to the "Fighting Back" email I just received.

"I am not this optimistic. The Democrats tossed the Service Members under the bus the last time they had the opportunity to end this.

The political parties may change but nothing else does...”

I would like to add this to the above statement.

It appears that MoveOn has become quite the champion of the Democratic Party. While I at one time agreed that the Democratic Party was better than the Republican Party in protecting rights for the underprivileged, I think that recent events have proven that belief incorrect.

As a Lesbian I have long been accustomed to Democratic candidates saying what the queer community has wanted to hear in order to get elected, then once in office selling out. At that time I deluded myself into thinking that perhaps this was just an issue that was too hot to handle or it was too difficult to pass the legislation.

When the Democrats took over the House and Senate on the “out of Iraq” and “Hold Bush Accountable” types of promises I got my hopes up. I believed that change was possible. However, now I see that my beliefs about the GLBT issues were misguided. It appears that ANY issue is too difficult for them to deal with. From what I have seen come out of the House and Senate since they took over it is the same old story. Say anything to get elected, do anything else while in office.

I have lost my faith that it will ever improve. Or change for that matter. I have decided that from now on I will not be donating my money to political causes; I will instead be redirecting that money towards the people who are making a difference in America, the social service, homeless shelter, youth, and victims of domestic violence organizations.

Thank you for allowing me this space to say my piece.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

What am I holding for you?

was the question my therapist asked me one day.

I didn't have an answer then.

Well I do now.

What is she holding for me?

Answers in questions.
Guidance in silence.
Dances with words.
Clarity in haze.
Revelations in waiting.
Encouragement in confusion.

'You should see this! The view is amazing. Worth the hike up the mountain.'

Gonna do some more hiking soon. Just got to gather some things together first...