Monday, December 18, 2006

It must be nice

It must be nice to be who you are.
It must be nice to have never been beaten
It must be nice to have nice things
and never have had them destroyed
It must be nice to have never been raped
It must be nice to have been accepted
It must have been nice to be able to make a stand
without paying a price no one would be able to pay
It must be nice to have been loved your entire life
to never figure out the significance of a Supreme Court ruling
at the age of 8
It must have been nice to grow up knowing you are special
and special in a good way
It must be easy to live without the nightmares
It must be easy to wake up in the morning
It must be easy to have friends
when the worst betrayal you have had was high school bullshit
It must have been nice to have never run or hide or had to use your skills to avoid a beating
It must have made life so easy
Sometimes I wonder if you even know
Sometimes I wonder, if I told you, would you be able to handle it
or would you shrink away
in fear
in revulsion
from the crushing weight that I carry so effortlessly every moment of my life

Even in my sleep

Friday, December 15, 2006

My therapist and I have been discussing why I won't go off on her.

I should probably describe what I mean by go off.

Frog's Definition of "Go Off"

1. To voice one's concerns to someone about something that they did to piss you off
2. To display anger at someone in the form of a slightly raised voice and very little display of the actual emotion
3. To release some of one’s pent up frustration in the general (sort of, possibly) direction of the source of that frustration.

Now that we have that cleared up. My therapist and I have been arguing about why I don’t go off on her. I say “because” and she says “because why?” and so on and so forth.

Riding home on the public transportation train I had a thought.

Because under every circumstance I am to do NO HARM and to ONLY use my gift of perceiving someone’s weakness’ for good.

Then the thought comes

“That doesn’t need to apply anymore ya know.”


It. Does. Not. Need. To. Apply. Anymore.




So, as I am riding along and thinking about this I decided to look at the old rule, toss it out and write the new rules. Here is what I wrote as it was written.

“Do no harm” was the rule I had to live by when I was not fully awake.


By not being fully awake (aware), just by asserting myself I would go to far

The rule no longer needs to apply


I am becoming, day by day, MORE aware

More connected to my body, signals, perceptions, signals

This means

Much like you would not let a drunk person drive a car, it was not a good idea for me to let go

That is no longer the case

I can let go


I am sober, connected, aware, awake, accepting of life, in all(most) forms

I don’t’ need to be a doormat anymore
I don’t want to be a doormat anymore

Time for the rules to change

New Rules?

If I am tired be aware that since this is all new, go slow, BUT still go

Be gentle and kind to myself. Listen to and be fully(as I can) with myself.

Get enough sleep, rest, work, play, everything in balance

Be sure to involve the body AND mind together. After all, what is one without the other

Like driving a car – it will take practice to know how to work it so

Be gentle on your/myself when I step on the gas/break too hard or I turn on the wipers when I mean to turn on the lights

Mistakes are not failures

It is ok to ask for what I need

It is even ok to ask for what I want

Even if I don’t get either.

The question you may ask after reading the rules is Have I gone off on her yet? Nope. May not either. Just like in life, some rules are meant to be sidestepped.

One day I will be free. Just like she is.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

From an email from a friend

Subject: a line from a new book I'm reading

Said to the character who had an abusive childhood when she decides to move back to her home town. I thought you might find this encouraging.

“You ask me, it takes more guts to go back to the beginning than just about anyplace else”

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Did they know?

So, did the band members of Pink Floyd know, when they accepted the record company's offer of releasing The Wall before the end of 1979 that they were making a deadline that would mean so much to a 7 year old little girl in America who had not heard of them before?

Did they know that the album would mean so much to that abused 7 year old?

Did anyone know that the song Mother would describe mine?
That Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 would describe my school life?
Did I know what it would mean to know that there were others out there like me?
Who had similar experiences as mine?

Does anyone know how I feel these days?
The desire to beat that bitch.
The bitch that turned me over,
and under,
and inside out.
All with a smile on her face.
and with bonds behind her back.
Bonds that stay with me to this day.
All that time ago.
That 7 year old little girl who just wanted to be accepted, cared for, loved
Which would be how the bitch got her hooks in.
Into the heart
and tore the place up.

How did the 7 year old little girl know the danger?
Who could the 7 year old little girl go to for help?
The parents who were abusing each other, who would come home drunk and need to be put to bed, separately, because they would fight ALL NIGHT if they weren't?
The teacher who regularly pointed out how the 7 year old little girl was different, wierd, slow, stupid, careless, clumsy, and just by breathing air was a nusence.
The school administration who knew about this teacher, who could hear her screaming at the kids all the way down the hall, and did nothing?
The social services that the 7 year old little girl didn't know existed?
The family of the little girl who felt she didn't deserve to be there, to be listened to, who felt that she just needed to go away because she was in the way, needy, because she was the daughter of the "black sheep" who married the "bad boy"?
The family who beat the little girl because she wouldn't sit still. the little girl who couldn't sit still because the world was a facinating place and she had to see everything.

Who do you trust when everyone you trust is abusing you?

You get to the point where I was/am/was/am/was/am:

Fuck them all because they will all fuck me anyway.
Don't give anything because it will all get broken.
Don't let anyone in because they will just trash the fucking place anyway and frankly, I just got the place looking nice after the last person trashed it, so...