Friday, November 02, 2007

Driving, singing, life and death

Driving up to see a friend
a friend who is dropping the robe

Driving up with a friend
a best friend, through thick and thin, life and death

Driving along, realizing that it is time
time too soon

now waiting to hear
to hear of the passing


and praying


peace, comfort, strength
for all of us
who are waiting

Songs of death
Songs of life

Songs sung
Songs listened to

Songs sung to sing the spirit home
Songs listened to for comfort

Wishing for the language I am just learning
To be able to put words to what my heart is singing

Standing quietly
Waiting and listening
To the song being sung to her
As she sleeps

Courage and cowardice
Flip sides of the same coin

Standing at the door
Waiting to be let in
A silent prayer

Let me be worthy
Worthy of this honor

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