Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am in a spectacularly shitty mood so I am trying to limit the amount of time I am around people right now. Even in electronic form where I can edit.

I got a shitty review at work last week. It wasn’t that getting a “meets expectations” (ME) is that bad. It is the fact that I overwhelmingly exceeded expectations, they know it, and they gave me the ME simply for bullshit political reasons.

I own the fact that I like to poke people. Doesn’t matter who you are, I will ask you to prove the bullshit you are spouting and asking me to follow. This is bad when you want to succeed in a division run by people with egos larger than their brains. I know that I will never get advancement in this place because I do like to poke people. I also know that it is unlikely that I will ever get a great review here. Last year the VP of the division joined with the CTO of the company to override my boss’ recommendation for an “exceeds expectations” on that review. I was ok with that because my boss was able to put in good examples and so while the overall rating was an ME you could see where I did a good job.

However, to get slammed by the shitty examples used on this review is beyond what even I can accept.

While going over the review with my boss, I challenged him on one of the examples he sighted to bring my score down. The example he used was clearly out of my control and proven such in the records of the ticket. When I showed him this he said that he could not change it but that he would note it in my review that I objected to it. That was but one of the many times in my review where the score was brought down for bullshit.

Added to this was the lovely lecture yesterday from the VP of my division while going over my salary increase. He explained to me how I missed out on a higher raise because I "need to work harder" and "work on my goals with my supervisor to try and get a promotion". When I asked him "Promotion to where?" he sputtered for about 45 seconds then said "well, a promotion". To which I asked him again "To where?". He didn't have an answer.

After working my ass off this whole year I got a whopping 3% raise. Considering that inflation was 5.5% I actually lost money this year.

I did not tell him to eat shit and die. It took every ounce of self control not to. I did however walk away today when he was in mid-sentence about how the second highest person in the company complimented me on the excellent job I did. He was left standing in the hallway with nothing to do or say other than "ok, uh, well then."

Yesterday before the salary talk, I stared blankly at my boss when during a meeting we were having going over my tickets he complimented me on how well I handled the last two weeks with a project that would have derailed without my help. All I said to him was a very flat “Ok. Next.”

Ditto on the blank stare when another person complimented my work to the VP last week when I was in a meeting with him. I looked right at him with the blank stare and after a pause said in a voice that was cold as ice "shall we continue?" Watching the look on his face would have been funny if I had been in the mood to laugh instead of resisting the urge to tell him off.

Seems like ever since my shitty ass review I have been swimming in complements from these ass holes. Fancy that. I haven’t changed a damn thing about how I do my job but all the-fucking-sudden I am spectacular and *insert arm pump here* “doing a great job!”

The next compliment I get from the fuckwads I don't know if I will be able to continue to resist the urge to say what I think each and every time they compliment me.

To my boss: "I am quite confident you will make sure to forget all of this by the time my review comes again, just like you do every year."

To the VP: "I don't have time to listen to empty words from you."

Neither statement is good for continued employment.

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democommie said...


Sounds like you work for my former employer, Verizon.

They all use the same canned shit to evaluate people, as if people fit into nicely machined slots. Fuck 'em.

I worked in one office for five and a half years and NEVER got an evaluation. Got my ass chewed frequently but never got "evaluated".

Soldier on, until you can't stand it and then take what you can get to leave. Sanity is far more important than money.